Class A Managed Fleet Program

RV Rental Outlet of Arizona has just announced an exciting new “Managed Fleet” owner consignment program for RV owners. If you have a 2004 or newer Class A motorhome that is sitting idle, we have great new program to earn EXTRA money by renting your RV! You can protect your investment by renting your valued recreational vehicle for short-term and in-state rentals when you are not enjoying the open roads.

We are experts in managing and servicing top line Class A recreational vehicles, gas and diesel powered. We can add your vehicle to our exceptional fleet of rentals while you retain 100% ownership. RV rentals are in high demand. Studies show that RV’s are the most economical way to travel throughout Arizona. Are you ready to turn your RV into a new income source? Depending on the RV, owners can make $5,000 to $30,000 per year from the rental of their RV. In addition to rental income, you can also count on additional tax benefits that provide savings to your bottom line when filing your tax return.

RV Rental Outlet Consignment Plan

  • You receive 50% of the daily rental rate any time your RV is rented through RV Rental Outlet. You also receive 50% of the extra fees paid for mileage charges over 125 miles and generator fees.
  • We provide all the advertising and marketing to maximize the amount of rental time. You define the days your vehicle is available for rental and we manage the rest.
  • We share all maintenance expenses equally. RV Rental Outlet will add your vehicle to our commercial insurance policy which is specially designed for RV Rentals. You will be covered anytime you wish to use your unit.
  • RV Rental Outlet provides FREE storage every month at our east valley location.
  • All RV Rental Outlet customers pay a deposit of $1,000 to$1,500 to cover any unexpected damages and/or cover the insurance¬†deductible.
  • We provide detailed maintenance records on your unit. You will receive a copy of the records with your monthly Consignment Plan check for rental fees.
  • Currently, RV rental demand is far greater than the supply. We can’t guarantee the number of rentals for your unit, we have consistent rentals and will be glad to show you more details about our rental demand and how we market to prospective customers to keep your RV renting year around.
  • Over the past 5 years, we haven’t experienced any issues related to RV theft on property.